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One of the leading causes of leaking basements is that water has not been properly drained away from the house or building. Since the water is not transported away from the structure, it works its way down the side of the building and through cracks in the basement wall. The flow from the downspouts may also cut unsightly ruts and gullies in flower gardens or other landscaping if not properly channeled away.

go green with eco-friendly rain barrels

Why your gutters need proper drainage

Our 55 gallon rain barrels come with a solid brass spigot at the bottom so you can easily attach a garden hose. Rain barrels are very simple to connect to your downspout, and the water they collect can then be used to water your garden, flowerbeds, and lawn.

rain barrels

Using a rain barrel is one way you can ensure proper drainage of water from your gutters and also conserve water and become more environmentally conscious. Saving rain water reduces the amount of usable water you need, which decreases demand for treated water and saves you money. Because the rain barrel catches water that would normally flow to the ground, it also helps the environment by reducing runoff waste water.

One way to ensure that the water from your gutters is effectively moved away from your home is to install underground drainage tile. Underground Tile is attached to the bottom of the downspout using a special adapter. The water from the downspout flows through the underground tile to a dispersal unit placed at the end or to a drainage ditch filled with peastone.

Underground drain tile